Our Favourite Show
Serving records over the counter from the stock rooms of Our Favourite Shop, spanning five decades of subculture and new releases from under the counter, Our Favourite Show bags up Punk to Soul and anything in between.

Special guests drop in to to talk about their favourite records and things.

Steve has DJ’d for many bands from Buzzcocks to Saint Etienne, curated record exhibitions instore with Fred Perry, hosted club nights in Brighton and most recently co authored the book Modzines, fanzine culture from the Mod revival, with Eddie Piller and still spending too much time being a Rude Boy.

About the station
Totally Wired Radio (TWR) is the new radio station from Acid Jazz, the seminal East London record company which is currently celebrating its 30th birthday. The station takes its name from the ground-breaking series of albums launched by Eddie Piller and his original partner in the label which became a byword for creative eclecticism.

TWR is the audio companion to Fred Perry Subculture – promoting independence, individuality and identity. From Punk to Funk, Jazz to Reggae, Hip Hop to Gospel and a whole lot more in-between.

Music across the genres and music across the boundaries.