Punkzines – British Fanzine Culture from the Punk Scene 1976-1983
Eddie Piller and Steve Rowland
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Along with its long-lasting influence on music, art, fashion and culture, the punk explosion in the mid to late 1970s also fuelled a thriving underground press. A physical representation of punk’s DIY attitude, fanzines rebelled against established forms of expression, surviving outside of the mainstream media and providing a voice for a generation.

Punkzines features interviews with leading figures from the scene, including fanzine editors, bands, DJs, promoters and journalists, to provide exclusive anecdotes from this momentous period.

Fully illustrated throughout, the book showcases original and rare artwork from celebrated fanzines such as Sniffin’ GlueBondage48 ThrillsPunkJamming!London’s BurningRipped & Torn and many more. Punkzines is the definitive visual guide to a crucial part of British and global subculture.